Born in Naples in 1984 Guido Lettieri is a self-taugh photographer interested in storytelling and based in Belluno in the Dolomites.

In 2006 he earns a degree in Public Relations and advertising at IULM in Feltre. At the same time he studies photography. In 2010 he takes another degree in Media production at Ca’Foscari university in Venice.

His firs reportage is about the carnival in Venice in which he starts to follow the most secret and sauvage events.

He starts to work with film and his dark room works are show in some public exhibitions in Crepadona’s palace in Belluno.

Later he wins the first prize in telling the story about the reborn of Longarone after the Vajont for the 50° anniversary of the disaster. In the same year he wins the first prize for the creative photography in Alzo Zero contest.

Afterwards he spends some months closed in a studio to learn the secrets behind light and tecniques in still life and commercial photography.

In 2014 he decides that he wants to live with storytelling so he become professional photographer.

Now he is working for companies creating corporate stories, telling the “behind the scene” of the products and the working atmosphere.

Since 2015 starts the long term project “Ancient Cilento”. The story about traditions, people, atmosphere of Cilento an ancient part of Italy near Salerno.

Some clients: Procaffè, Sims, Fedon, Panotec, Acil, Kanguro superstore, Innerwheel, Botol group, Centro Consorzi, Regione Veneto, Fondazione Teatri delle Dolomiti, City of Belluno,  Emanuele Kabu, Non voglio che Clara, Teatro degli Orrori, Andrea Moletti, Acidi, Web&Graphic, Flyweb, Miari, Collalto.